Products Overview


Right Foot Consulting Services is pleased to announce our new line of SASS produts under the Baby Back (tm) brand. This product line is a collection of pay as you go web services to power any website with common features such as login, messaging, groups, chats, store fronts, media and image galleries and more. If ther is a common use case chances are its in our product road map. Rather than bundling we allow you to just pay for what you need.

Ideas on a chalkboard


It's hard to do anything interesting on a website if you don't have a way to register users and log in. This whole process of registering and logging in is referred to as Identity and Access Management (IAM) Baby Back IAM solves this for you by providing a single sign on capability for anyone who wants to use this as their way of signing in. We manage registration and login in compliance with modern privacy law and allow our users to share only the info they need to share with you when they need to share it. This protects our users, and it protects you.

Like authentication with Google or Facebook or Github, your users can register with Baby Back IAM, and leverage an IAM solution designed by IAM professionals with certified Cyber Security Credentials and over 13 years experience in the Identity and Access Management Space. One thing that sets us apart is the fact that we are passwordless from go. Our users, securely authenticate without needing to memorize a password.

Our first hand experience has shown that passwords, while hateful and onerous to even the sharpest minds, can be kryptonite for anyone suffering from cognitive impairment. Organizations who serve neural divergent or cognitively challenged populations can show they care by leveraging our identity system to facilitate access for the people they serve.