Startup Consulting

Starup consulting is where we got our name. Our startup consulting practice is geared to the very early stage founder. Our startup consulting goal is to help founders get their business started off on the right foot.

Partnering with an experienced founder early in your journey helps you avoid common pitfalls, validate your problem area, define your solution and help you accelerate your scale. The benefit of partnering with a fractional co-founder who has been there, done that, and experienced the failures along with the wins cannot be overstated.

One of the biggest challenges in a startup is managing that initial shot of capital. Often a founder has put their life savings into their business and the last thing they can afford is an hourly consultant. But founders have equity, lots of it. Our consulting rate is a 1% non dillutable stake in your business. Our financial reward hinges upon your success. If you do not succeed we lose. Our mission then becomes helping you to succeed.

If you are in the very early stages of a business idea but have not yet formed a legal entity, or capitalized your venture, then we are available to advise on an hourly (time and materials fee) basis.