Lewis County Water Conservancy Board

Business Problem

This is a volunteer board of county appointees. They serve an important function in evaluating water rights for Lewis County, Washington. Their meetings are public, and they were spending a significant amount of money on newspaper advertisements to announce their public meetings as is required by law.

An alternative approach to announcing meetings in the local paper is to publish them on the boards website. However, the board does not have any technical people on staff. We needed a way to enable people to easily find the current meeting schedule, along with current status of board decisons.


Right Foot Consulting Services Inc. developed a website which could allow a non technical person to retrieve a report from the Department of Ecology, showing current status of water right decisions. This data can be downloaded as an excel file. We established a google drive folder that was shared with the web api, to fetch the spreadsheet (in CSV format), and publish the data on the Board Decisions page.

We also integrated the site with Google Calendar to allow a non-technical admin to leverage Google Calendar to set the meetings and publish them on the site.